Surgical Tooth Extraction

In Topaz Dental Implantology Center, every dental extraction is in effect surgical. However, only those extractions that require incisions and the opening of the gums are considered ‘surgical extractions’. In most cases, such an extraction requires stitching. Those sutures are removed after about a week in a simple and painless procedure. In most cases, the procedure is without any particular complications; the patient receives clear instructions on after care and on how they must conduct themselves following the extraction.

We make every effort to prevent the extraction of a tooth, but if it is necessary, during the performance of the procedure, we take every measure to make sure it is done in the most painless and gentle of ways, taking into account the sensitivities of the patient. We make sure to make the stitching as small as possible, to help with fast recovery. Our dentists are aware of their patients’ worries and concerns prior to a dental extraction and their experience in the performing of thousands of past dental extractions in Topaz Dental Implantology Center helps us provide you with the best and most attentive care.

Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is the name of the third molar (and the most posterior one). These teeth grow out of the gums at around the ages of 17-25. In some cases, wisdom teeth do not grow at all, but in most cases four wisdom teeth erupt, one in each corner of the mouth. For most people, wisdom teeth cause no harm, and therefore do not need to be extracted. However, recent studies show that the jaw of modern men and women, unlike the teeth, has significantly diminished in size, which causes teeth to be far too cramped in the jaw. Since wisdom teeth erupt at a later age, and are the last to do so, often time there is no room for them in the jaw, so they only partially erupt, or not at all.

As stated, for most people wisdom teeth cause no problems, however for others, there is a need for extraction. Locked or improperly erupted wisdom teeth may cause problems such as:

* Caries in the neck of the tooth closest to the erupting wisdom tooth (second molar) due to friction.
* Inflammation of the gums.
* Pressure on the front teeth (incisors) accompanied by pain. As mentioned above, at times the wisdom teeth erupt improperly or in an improper place, and this causes added pressure to the rest of the teeth, which in turn causes pain and may even cause misplacement of incisors (see image).

 Removing Wisdom Teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth depends upon how deeply they are locked, and on other possible complications. The extraction can be as simple as that of any other molar; however, when the tooth is not sufficiently exposed or is locked within the gums, the more complex surgical extraction is required.

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