Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus Lift Surgery

Maxillary sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus lift, is performed when a person requires dental implants, but the jawbone is not sufficiently thick for the implementation. The sinus lift is an important and critical procedure for the successful application of dental implants. It is a medical procedure designed to thicken the jawbone in an area in which a dental implant needs to be fitted. A sinus lift strengthens the bone, and transforms it from thin and flimsy to thicker and sturdier in preparation for dental implementation. Now it is possible to have the procedure performed expertly and professionally in one of Topaz Center’s branches- that specialize in dental implantology without traveling between various clinics.

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A little about the sinus lift procedure:

A sinus lift is a procedure meant to create an addition of bone in the posterior parts of the upper jawbone. Sinuses are air filled spaces designed to reduce the weight of the skull, and provide resonance for the voices which we produce. The Maxillary sinuses are located above the back teeth in the upper jaw, and when one requires dental implants in that area, the jawbone is not always big enough to contain both the sinus membrane and the implant. The solution to this problem is the sinus lift.

Inserting a dental implant upon an unsuitable bone into the open sinuses may cause inflammation and infection, which would result in the failing of the implant. Therefore, there is a need to thicken the bone prior to the insertion of the implant.

Why is the sinus lift necessary? With age, our sinuses grow in size, which in turn causes a thinning jawbone. The lack of sufficient bone might hinder dental implants, because the materials would have nothing to adhere to.  In the sinus lift, a bone graft is placed under the sinuses. This is what causes the sinus’ lift.

The sinus lift is a precursor to dental implants, and therefore the implantation process relies on its success. It is important to undergo the sinus lift in a reliable and professional clinic, since mistakes in this procedure might be irreversible and prevent the option of a future dental implant in that area.

Why perform a sinus lift with Topaz Center?

The procedure is best preformed by an experienced dentist, since it requires a great deal of skill, delicacy and expertise. Topaz Dental implantology Center employs the best dentists and surgeons on the market. The sinus lift procedure is performed by a single dentist who accompanied the patient throughout the entirety of the process, from beginning to end.

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