Tooth Restoration


Dental Restoration

Sometimes, the need for dental restoration arises. This could occur due to a variety of reasons, external trauma that caused irreparable damage, lose of tooth due to neglect, or decay caused by age. Either way, dental restorations nowadays are a rather a common procedure performed upon a single tooth, or even multiple teeth. Topaz Dental Implantology Center performs dental restorations in the best possible way.

The goal with every dental procedure, including dental restoration, is to improve both the appearance and the sensation of the teeth to an optimal state with a minimal amount of pain. Dental restoration treatments could be performed by any dentist, but it is advised to search for a restoration expert, who underwent a two year training period of specialization in the field. We in Topaz specialize in all the various dental restoration procedures.

Dental Restoration Procedures

There are several dental restoration procedures, depending on the state of the patient’s teeth, a crown, dental implants, prosthetics, braces and more.

Crowns and Braces- when a tooth is damaged, crowning the tooth will protect it from further damage. Usually, crowns are placed when teeth are broken or stained, or following a root canal. The crowns are fabricated from porcelain or metal, and with proper care are known for longevity. The treatment has several steps; firstly, a temporary crown in placed to protect the tooth until the final restoration is complete. Secondly, the permanent implant is fabricated using a dental impression of the damaged tooth. Lastly, the permanent implant replaces the temporary crown.

Dental Implants and Prosthetics- prosthetics are dentures rely on bonding or clasping to secure them to the teeth. Dental implants could also be performed when the roots of the teeth are missing or for supporting the dentures. Dental implants are often used to secure and attach the dentures, and contribute to the dentures’ performing as regular teeth.

Upkeep following a Dental Restoration

An important detail that the dentist will explain is the behavior required from the patient following dental restoration treatments. Although the anesthetization dissipates after two hours, during the twenty-four hours following the treatment one must pay attention to the food and drink consumed to avoid discoloration and infection. After a dental restoration, it is recommended to eat natural ingredients, not containing food coloring.

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Root canal treatment

In the past, when dental pulp injuries occurred, you would most probably lose the tooth; today, thanks to new knowledge, technology and a medical treatment called the root canal, the tooth can be saved. A root canal is a routine procedure performed on a tooth in which tooth decay penetrated through the tooth enamel, into the dentin and from there into the dental pulp (the innermost tissue of the tooth compiled of blood vessels and nerves), which starts from the crown down to the ends of the roots. In this state, the dental pulp is saturated with bacteria, and the patient suffers from acute pain

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