Tooth whitening

From now on, we start smiling, because Topaz Dental is providing you with teeth whitening treatments in the BRITESMILE method- the winning method that has taken over the world!

Have you always dreamed about having a bright white smile?

The BRITESMILE method, responsible for over 2 million bright smiles around the world, is now within reach, and is the one to turn that dream into a reality. BRITESMILE’s effectiveness has been proven through clinical research, and it is matchless in being the most advanced and safest teeth whitening treatment method.

In Topaz dental clinic, Teeth whitenings in the BRITESMILE method are carried out under the strict medical supervision of a certified dentist, and of a team of courteous and professional dentist assistants, and in a single appointment lasting merely an hour in length.

A teeth whitening treatment in the BRITESMILE method includes the preparation of the teeth whitening materials, customized to fit the needs of each individual patient (to be determined by the patient’s teeth), and the execution of the treatment. Prior to the whitening treatment, the patient goes through a session with a dental hygienist, which prepares the teeth by providing a thorough cleaning.

The BRITESMILE teeth whitening method

BRITESMILE is a new and revolutionary method, extremely popular due to its flawless results, and long-term effectiveness (two to five years!). The teeth whitening treatment starts with the medical team applying the prepared whitening jell on the patient’s teeth, following which a specialized lamp activates the whitening jell causing the oxygenation of the teeth, and thusly the whitening process, a process of an hour in duration, after which you will have the perfect result- bright white teeth as never before.

Research has proven that in using the BRITESMILE teeth whitening method there is a lowering of up to 8 levels in the shade of the teeth. To maintain the longevity of the whitening it is important to avoid excessive drinking of dark beverages and smoking, to maintain proper teeth brushing, and visit the dental hygienist every six months.

In conclusion

  • BRITESMILE accomplishes an average of 8 color level’s drop
  • The treatment in the BRITESMILE method lasts for merely an hour
  • While the results last for years
  • BRITESMILE is perfectly safe and harms neither the teeth nor the gums
  • The treatment is performed by certified dentists only

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The world has advanced- and so has dentistry!

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Tooth whitening

The BRITESMILE method, responsible for over 2 million bright smiles around the world, is now within reach, and is the one to turn that dream into a reality

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